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foWX is the name of the new browser-based intranet application developed to support contractor and customer management in energy related applications.

foWX provides a number of modules and services that helps agencies to automate their service management. This application uses a portable, relational and very extensible backend database.

The foWX application modules include:

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  • Work Orders - Build dynamic, flexible and client-configurable work orders for any service ( e.g. Air Sealing, Insulation, Plumbing, Electric, Roofing, Heating, Carpentry, Counseling, Bill Payment assistance and Education).

  • Service Pricing - Manage multiple item prices by "effective-date".
  • Invoicing - Handle invoices to your Funders and from your subcontractors.

  • Online Reporting - Produce many standard dynamic reports which are designed to serve multiple programs and users.
  • Energy Audits - Build audits for specific programs.

  • Scheduling - Schedule Contractor assignments.

  • Appointments - Scheduling Customer appointments.

  • Customized Letters - Create client-configurable, centralized customer letters.

  • Referrals - Manage customer Referrals between programs.

  • Remote Support - Provide support for remote Intake Centers.

  • External Data - Process File Import/Exports.

  • Profile maintenance - Managed the application's parameters at the user level.

  • Security - Control system security at several levels; which insures client confidentiality.

  • Data Search - Use powerful customer Search features across programs (by Account Number, Name, Street and all combinations).

  • Integrated Support Features - Use a number of integrated, browser-based Help features, including: (customized) user Q & A; screen-oriented help; topic-oriented help; functional area-keyed help; online Customer Education; online Terms and Definitions.
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Last updated: April 13, 2020
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